About me



I started to do photography as a child with my grandfather who taught me the art of being curious of everything.

Today, I travel on a regular basis, and to me, photography is a way to keep a record of things.

It also enables me to share what I see with my friends who come from various horizons but who do not always have the opportunity to travel the world like me.

During my trips, I pay great attention to natural landscapes, cityscapes, and to all the different lifestyles and cultures.

To me, times of sharing are always priceless!

Architecture is a recurrent subject in my pictures. Indeed, it is the silent witness of the evolution of societies throughout the world. It is for that reason that I find myself wandering through these derelict buildings and abandoned places that Time has either covered with dust or with moss.

Thus, you will be able to visit a multitude of places which once in the distant past, sheltered enthusiasm, hardworking and sweating bodies, laughter or tears.

I hope that they will make you travel through time in my company for a few moments.



Photographer and drone telepilot, based near Toulouse (South of France)

Member of French Federation of Photography